Monday, April 5, 2010

Salsa Turkey Meat Loaf

The Recipe: Salsa Turkey Meatloaf from Canadian

The Substitutions: Quite a few. I whizzed all the ingredients except the turkey and the cheese in a food processor along with a carrot and a celery stalk to up the nutrition value.

The Verdict: Pretty good. I combined the turkey salsa part with a "healthy" beef loaf recipe I use all the time (I think it was originally from Everyday Food). It's a pretty common trick to sneak veg into meat loaf to get kids to eat them, I think. I was a little afraid that this loaf would be dry -- replacing turkey with beef has been pretty trendy amongst food editors in the last decade or so, and I've never been one to go for the turkey burgers or turkey meatballs because they just aren't as juicy and delicious as beef. The addition of the salsa (and cheese) to this recipe helps a lot. It was yummy, satisfying and everyone ate it. Hooray!