Monday, May 14, 2012

The Cooky Book: Zimtsterne

These were another Christmas cookie that I'm finally just catching up with now. I know, I know. The Cooky Book describes them as "a crisp, spicy cooky with a chiny glazed top. A favorite of Switzerland." Hmm. Well, if the Swiss like 'em they have to be good, no? They're okay. That's about it. I didn't really find them spicy enough to be interesting, but they didn't taste bad. They did have a weirdly flaky quality to them that I didn't particularly enjoy. I liked the fact that they're brushed with egg, because shiny is always fun. So okay, but not a Christmas treat that anyone, Swiss or otherwise, would likely look forward to year after year. If it's any indication, I had a load of these left after Christmas was long over and ended up throwing them out.