Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ditali in Tomato Chickpea Sauce

The Recipe: Ditali in Tomato Chickpea Sauce from the March 2010 Canadian Living (online here)

The Substitutions: I used Canneroni instead of Ditali (I think the tubes are slightly shorter) and also increased the amount of pasta to stretch out the recipe. I also added some water at the end because it was a little thick for my taste. And I skipped the garnish. Of course.

The Verdict: This recipe is on the cover of this issue of Canadian Living, which is a little odd considering how unremarkable it is. Essentially, you've got mushrooms, chickpeas, and tomatoes. No big whoop, eh? Unsurprisingly, it's tasty, but not phenomenal. I found the cooking times in the mag to be a little off -- they seemed to want you to cook the mushrooms and onions forever, but barely simmer the sauce to combine the flavours. I think this recipe could easily be adapted to add other flavours and ingredients. But as it stands, it's a pretty decent weeknight standard recipe and my gang seemed to like it. If you use extra pasta, there's definitely enough for lunch the next day, which is always a good thing. Plus, it's veggie, which makes it less expensive and healthier (though I felt the need to serve it with a salad because the actual veg content is low). Will I make it again? Sure. Will my family be begging for it? Probably not.

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