Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spinach and Meatball Calzones

The Recipe:Spinach and Meatball Calzones from the May 2010 issue of Everyday Food

The Substitutions: None, really. I used Pilsbury pizza dough.

The Verdict: Yum, but I need to give it another crack. Here's the thing: I rarely make anything that requires rolling out dough. I am the world's worst roller. It is just not one of my talents. So, I did have a bit of trouble rolling out the calzones and shaping them and then getting enough filling in them and folding them over and sealing them. It was sad. So I ended up with some messy calzones and some overly doughy calzones. I realize this is a problem with me, not with the recipe and I promise to try again.

That aside, these were pretty tasty. The "meatballs" are actually bits of sausage, and I do get a weird thrill out of these kinds of cheater recipes. Plus I always want to order a meatball sub when I go to Subway, but then cave and get a healthier option (not that I go to Subway very often), and this kind of satisfies that craving. I've made Everyday Food calzone recipes before and, obviously, you could pretty much put anything you want in them. This one was definitely a hit with my gang and felt like a good alternative to take-out pizza.

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