Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Cooky Book: Brown Sugar Drops

The Recipe: Brown Sugar Drops from Betty Crocker's The Cooky Book

The substitutions: Butter in place of shortening and I also added one cup of coconut and one cup of chocolate chips.

The Verdict: After receiving some complaints that my Cooky Book cookies were getting boring (I'm still in the intro to drop cookies section, so this is a legitimate complaint), I knew that if I made the basic brown sugar drop cookie recipe my long-suffering family would not be pleased. But with a few extras (as suggested by the book), these very basic cookies are actually pretty great. With the chips these are just pretty standard chocolate chip cookies, but much fluffier than a lot of the varieties you see out there. Not quite cakey, just fluffy. The coconut is a nice addition too -- I might always put coconut in my choc chip cookies now. These would be boring as dirt without the goodies, but as is they make for a pretty tasty lunchbox cookie.

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