Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pecan Pie

The Recipe: Lorraine Bracco's Pecan Pie from Martha (online recipe here.

The Substitutions: None really except (gasp!) I bought pre-made pie dough. Sorry, Martha.

The Verdict: I've actually made this pie before, and while I find the amount of corn syrup to be unholy, I'm afraid to try another because it's so good. Not too sweet, enough filling that it doesn't get dry or hard, and really yummy, especially if you add bourbon (which is optional). I really love pecan pie. There's a recipe for one with chocolate chips in the new Everyday Food and I might try that, but there's really no reason to deviate from this one because it's that good. Oh, and apologies for the crap photo, but I didn't remember to take a photo before my extended family dove in and decimated this delicious pie.

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