Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Cooky Book: Ginger Almond Cookies

The Recipe: Ginger Almond Cookies from Betty Crocker's The Cooky Book

The Substitutes: Butter for shortening

The Verdict: Another success from the Refrigerator Cookies section of the book! These are basically really delicious ginger snaps with some almonds thrown in for good measure. They're buttery and have just the right amount of spice in them. I will warn you, this recipe makes a lot of cookies (I ended up with almost eight dozen), but that just means that you'll have plenty to share. Highly, highly recommended. I will agree with the little note that appears in the recipe: "A taste delight for everyone!"

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  1. I am so glad you put this photo up! I was trying to remember what my mom baked for holiday cookies (now that I am grown up and have to bake for myself...) These cookies remind me of home and the good ole days! Now to give it a shot... I don't have a mother's touch yet when it comes to baking.