Monday, February 7, 2011

Devil's Food Cupcakes

The Recipe: Devil's Food Cupcakes from Martha Stewart's Cupcakes. Recipe online here.

The Substitutions: I used my family's secret recipe icing rather than the suggested chocolate ganache frosting. It was delicious.

The Verdict: It pains me to say, but meh. "Meh," "Martha" and "chocolate" are three words that shouldn't go together. But these were not moist enough, not chocolatey enough, and just not good enough. Part of my problem was that they got a little overbaked, which is weird because my oven notoriously underbakes everything. But these guys were dry, dry, dry. They were still tasty, but I was expecting a rich and amazing explosion of deliciousness.

The other problem, is that Martha always adds salt to her baked goods, which I generally like. These were way too salty. I could deal with them, but my husband, who is usually our resident cookie monster, was not into it. Like he won't eat another one. Which means I have to chalk these up as a fail.

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