Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chai-Spice Granola

The Recipe: Chai-Spice Granola from Blog Aid: Recipes for Haiti. The recipe was contributed by Backseat Gourmet, but I don't think Cheryl has it on her site. More incentive to contact the Blog Aid folks and order a book (I'm pretty sure they'll still print them out on demand even though the run is officially over).

The substitutions: I overestimated the amount of oatmeal I had on hand, so I put in four cups instead of five. I didn't realize this until I had made the "sauce." It did not turn out to be a problem. In fact, I think I'll do the same next time. I also omitted the sesame seeds because I didn't have any.

The verdict: Yum. Big yum. I've never made granola before and I'm telling you, I will never purchase pre-made granola again. This was so easy to do and the payoff is pretty high. Plus it's pretty easy to tailor the ingredients to your own liking. I kept it as is because I love almonds and pistachios, but many other combos would be delightful. The spice combination is pretty great too. It had my whole house smelling like chai for the better part of an afternoon, but when it came to the actual granola, it wasn't overpowering in the least. It isn't too spicy at all, even with the decreased amount of oatmeal.

I've been eating this like crazy. It's really handy to grab a little baggie of this stuff as a post-workout snack, what with all the nuts and all. I have not fed any of it to my kids because I am afraid of those round pistachios choking them (plus you can't send nuts of any kind to school, so it's disqualified from being a school snack). Which means more for me. A win-win, if you think about it.

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