Monday, March 8, 2010

Chocolate Pecan Puddle Cookies

The Recipe: Chocolate Walnut Puddle Cookies from Dinner With Julie

The Substitutions: I used pecans in place of walnuts

The Verdict: When Julie posted this recipe on her blog last week she was raving. Raving. Since I have long trusted her opinion because of her great work on CBC radio, I thought "Those must be some fine cookies." And they are. But I'm not quite as enthusiastic as Julie, though that boils down to a matter of taste.

These cookies don't contain flour, so they're just cocoa, egg whites, and a load of sugar and nuts. Which makes them delicious, but in my mind, not really a true cookie. I like 'em cakey and these are not cakey. They're gooey and fall apart and are a delicious desert of some variety, but not a lunchbox cookie.

That aside, these puddle cookies are so chock full of nuts and so chocolately that I can understand how they could easily become someone's favourite cookie. My dear husband, for example, went a little crazy for them. And I do admit, their meringue-like exterior is very appealing. So if you like your chocolate and don't care if your cookie is cakey, please go forth and bake.

One caveat: Julie recommends baking these guys on parchment paper and this step is not optional. Martha Stewart asks for parchment in every cookie recipe and I usually just use my silicone cookie sheets on top of a regular cookie sheet. This did not work with the puddle cookies. Because they are not, as I mentioned, cakey cookies, they could not simply be lifted off the sheet once cool. I did one batch with parchment and the paper beautifully peeled off the bottom of the cookies. The ones baked on silicone were literally a hot mess. It was more like pudding than cookies. So go forth and bake, but don't cheap out on the parchment.

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