Tuesday, March 2, 2010

One-Pot Chicken and Brown Rice

The Recipe:One-Pot Chicken and Brown Rice from the January/February 2010 issue of Everyday Food (I don't think it's up online yet).

The Substitutions: I threw in six chicken thighs instead of four, because four wouldn't have been enough for my crew. If you take a look at the picture in the magazine, there are at least five in the pot.

The Verdict: Ugh. I was a little afraid that this one would be bland (other than onions, there isn't very much in the way of flavouring), but I didn't expect it to go into the garbage. Because the recipe was new to me, I went ahead and used the skin-on chicken thighs. Since this is from the "light issue" of Everyday Foods, I figured it couldn't be that bad. But, the way that the rice cooks in the pan after frying the chicken, even after draining the majority of the chicken fat, this was way way way too greasy. The chicken was greasy, the rice was greasy, the veg was greasy. The kids kind of liked it (of course), but neither Aaron or I could eat more than about half a serving. Luckily, there was some leftover Thai in the fridge, so we ate that after the kids went to bed. In other words, fail.

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